BOYD – Young Womanhood

Multi-instrumentalist, musical experimentalist and lyrical mentalist BOYD delivers Young Womanhood; an EP to follow up debut EP Shortened Suite.

The playful but frank approach to this work is engaging and endearing.

The lyrics are not subtle or metaphorical in many places and the almost honky-tonk nature of the music makes for an at least original experience.

‘Kissing Boys’ is catchy, with a good hook, ‘A Song of Your Own’ is replete with the lyrical frankness typical of BOYD, with wandering bass and pleasant repeating keys.

The most musically appealing and traditionally formulated track on the record is ‘What You Could Do Is (Your Friend)’, this track also possesses the most musical elements which are well organised and utilised, the guitar section and its surrounding elements are particularly enticing.

The EP finishes with ‘The Myth’, which – itself – ends with a fine full stop for the EP, indicative of the overall style and nature of the record.

The work is sparse and unusual, with some pleasing and original sequences sporadically sprinkled through it.

BOYD seems like the kind of act that could develop a niche cult following – I doubt we’ve seen the last or the best of BOYD.

Words: Paul Aitken

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