The Vegan Leather – ‘Shake It’

The Vegan Leather are the latest name that seem to be on the lips of all the Scottish music tastemakers at the moment.

Instantaneously the massive, dirty electronics kick ‘Shake It’ into life, with the boy/girl trade-off between vocalists Marie Collins and Gianluca Bernacchi.

Around two and a half minutes in, ‘Shake It’ essentially stops before becoming a different beast altogether.

An instrumental seemingly custom-made for big dancefloors reverberates before the chanting finale of “SHAKE! SHAKE IT! SHAKE IT OUT!”

Despite still being in their relative infancy, The Vegan Leather already now have an absolute banger, which will no doubt slay the numerous festivals they have lined up this summer.

The band hilariously have a fanbase which call themselves The VL’s, and if The Vegan Leather continue to come out with songs even half as good as ‘Shake It’, it won’t be too long before several other VL’s join the party.

Words: Graham McCusker

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