Pronto Mama – ‘Double – Speak’ [Electric Honey]

Blending emo, pop and synth elements in their music, Pronto Mama follow – or perhaps lead – the trend in contemporary Scottish guitar music for making novel use of common tropes from different styles to develop something unique.

The wandering bass, the rolling drums – each given adequate attention and volume, the creative guitar work and the versatile and endearing vocals; what’s not to enjoy?

‘Double – Speak’ is a good name for this track of two sides.

It is wonderfully difficult to predict or classify, making the upcoming album Any Joy – set for release in May – all the more tantalising.

The lyrics, the approach and the style of this act are unapologetic, which is likely to serve the band very well; I can’t wait to catch this evidently dynamic six-piece live.

The synthetic elements are not necessarily subtle, but they are sparing; allowing them to ensconce the traditional instruments in a mature and well thought out way without overpowering or detracting attention from them.

With some seriously talented individuals on board and music that traverses the line between originality and mass-appeal with excellence, keep these guys in radar range.

Words: Paul Aitken

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