Part Chimp, Cutty’s Gym at Stereo, 15/4/17

After lying mostly dormant for five years, London’s Part Chimp is back with a new record iv out, as ever, on Mogwai’s Rock Action Records.

It would be fair to say that the musical landscape has changed since their previous record, Thriller in 2009, as more bands have found success within the UK as a sludge metal act, meaning an appreciation for Part Chimp’s place in the previous decade has only grown further.

Before them, however, we are treated to Glasgow’s Cutty’s Gym who themselves were inactive for a couple years following a line-up change, but are now back with a new record incoming and a real swagger about their business.

The Wire referencing band, weave together an intense, aggressive blend of Pissed Jeans, These Arms Are Snakes and Botch, and never really let up over the course of their 30-minute set.

Taking full advantage of looped guitar lines and triggered drum samples, the band create hypnotic, alluring polyrhythmic riffs while lead singer Phillip Differ stalks the stage with his intense, mostly incoherent, ramblings.

It has always been fairly well known that Part Chimp is an extremely loud live act, but it’s hard to really express until you hear it for yourself.

Yet, their live sound is so inch-perfect that it’s difficult to resist the sheer size of it.

Despite their heavy sound, Part Chimp is clearly not a traditional metal band, using almost punk-style melodies to sit atop their wall of noise.

The band mostly feature their brand new album iv, but throw in a couple old favourites too (‘Hello Bastards’, ‘Starpiss’) to the delight of the crowd, who largely allow the waves of noise to wash over them, bar a few headbangers, despite a few sore ears the day after.

Words: Adam Turner-Heffer

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