Shredd – ‘Cobra’ [Fuzzkill]

Shredd’s new single ‘Cobra’ boots the door down with the same tenacity, enthusiasm and power that the world is coming to expect from them – or should be.

A slightly more directed effort than their other material and formulated with a bit more structure, ‘Cobra’ is the next hit in their habit of releasing fast, fuzzy, intense and well put together garage gold.

The guitar is all over the place, but coherent; the bass is low, loud, sludgy and grinding; the drums expertly thread the line between them both and keep everything together, without falling victim to dull repetitiveness.

The vocals seem affected just the right amount and somehow make the music more serious and more fun at the same time.

Overall, this song does what a good single should, it tantalises.

Shredd is going from strength to strength at the moment, this self-assured single shows that there are no signs of slowing down.

Ghost Girls Society provides the cover art again – in keeping with the very cool cover for Shredd’s EP Every Time We Meet I Wanna Die.

Cobra by Shredd

Words: Paul Aitken

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