Marnie – ‘Lost Maps’ [Disco Pinata]

If ever a record managed to be exactly on point, tick all the correct boxes and yet still be utterly thrilling, ‘Lost Maps’ by Marnie is it; it’s an absolute belter.

A growling, electronic, thuggishly sleek beast of a tune by the frontwoman of Ladytron, it reminds in some ways of the Scarlett Johansson effort from 2015 (‘Candy’); not totally in sound – it’s not so draped in bubblegum – but because, that record too could almost have been designed by committee but, like here, was just that, an absolute beast.

‘Lost Maps’ transcends its elements and delivers heavy, processed beats, a dark bassline but with the sort of dreamy top end and vocal to drag things from the gutter into the stars: a little excitable that description, perhaps, but, tracks that manage to appeal to the most tedious of disco-bores – me – yet also be dripping in pop are all too rare.

Taken from the upcoming second solo album by [Helen] Marnie, Strange Words and Weird Wars, it builds upon Ladytron but does feel personal and is stripped back: there is enough going on its groove, enough and no more; as it should be.

Deeply impressive stuff and bodes well for the album, released in June: if you like pop drenched in a shady groove, this is pretty much unmissable: one of those rare occasions when “essential” is entirely correct a description.

Words: Vosne Malconsorts


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