Static Union – ‘Accelerator’

An entertaining juxtaposition of band name against song title provides the first jollies for this offering by the young Glasgow outfit; after that frivolous enjoyment, what do we have?

Well, it’s a nice, vaguely sleazy (in a good way) slice of indie rock: a bit yearning and heartfelt at times but there’s a low-slung swing about it, initially at least.

Pleasing with the sort of vocal Shaun Ryder thought he was singing but this time actually in tune.

The guitars chime about and the low end oozes around with a decent amount of alchemy.

Things lose their way a bit when it all kicks and tries too hard to become a singalong anthem – easy mistake of course, who doesn’t want thousands of fans belting a chorus back at them?

There’s promise here without a massive amount to make Static Union stand out from any other guitar band – hardly crime of the century when they’re barely out of school.

The band just need to rein things back a little, please without wanting to please; a tough thing to pull off, obviously, but then it’s never meant to be easy.

‘Accelerator’ is a touch by numbers but worth keeping an eye on this four piece: as of now, competent and quite infectious songwriting with an attractive swagger, time to get creative.

Words: Vosne Malconsorts


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