Premiere: Bluebirds – There Is No God

Edinburgh four-piece Bluebirds have blazed into our world over the past year or so with some truly balls to the wall rock n’ roll shows between Glasgow and their hometown, and after hitting us with debut single ‘Subcultural Love’ last month we now have the pleasure of bringing you their follow up EP, There Is No God.

Recorded at Glasgow’s Green Door Studios with Stu Evans, after the band were inspired by the sounds of Amazing Snakeheads’ album, There Is No God is a strong set of tracks that really captures the band’s menacing presence.

Taking a real nihilistic approach, both in lyrical content and sound itself (and indeed title), Bluebirds have produced a debut effort that spits ‘this is who we are, like it or lump it’, from Daniel Telford’s knowing sneer right down to the jazz tinged drumming.

Take your first chance to listen to the new EP here:


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