Cameron Roxburgh – Outside

Having released two EPs already, Cameron Roxburgh aim to bring experimentalism and something new to the traditional singer-songwriter milieu.

This new addition to the duo’s already stellar set of records will challenge your conception of music and offer a change to everyone who dares explore Outside.

Echoing the rolling hills from where we hae, this beautifully pentatonic introduction to Cameron Roxburgh’s Outside makes you feel like you’ve landed somewhere between a film set and another dimension; truly experimental and original, ‘Unauthorised Introduction’ is fairly self-explanatory.

‘Outside’ is tingling-ly familiar, the Scottish accent seals in a true sense of authenticity and blatant honesty in this exposition.

At times the simplicity of the acoustic guitar and vocals exhibits what can be achieved with intelligent composition and ingenuity.

This continues into ‘In Between’ where we see a more somber tone, painted in the wake of a surprising burst of energy as the tune comes to a close.

There’s magic in the clarity of Roxburgh’s words and a deep connection through his disinhibition, even his mum and dad get a mention in ‘+up’, as skillful fingers create a resonating, memorable experience.

‘An Acrobat’ is the bluntest of them all, there’s stories about brushing teeth with Bucky, pulling on the heartstrings of Scottish stereotypes and what we know to be the parodies of our culture.

Fading into lyrics about questioning, harmonics accentuate Roxburgh’s realisation that no one here is indeed an acrobat.

Outside is full of complexity and yet packed with witty anecdotes for even the most skeptical listener to enjoy, a masterpiece to behold.

Be sure to put this one on repeat so you don’t miss any of the careful nuances shining through in what can often seem like a forbidden cave.

Words: Rachel Cunningham


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