Reverieme – ‘Ten Feet Tall’

Following on from last year’s long-awaited debut album, Straw Woman, singer-songwriter Louise Connell, better known as Reverieme, has wasted no time in releasing new material with ‘Ten Feet Tall’.

As soon as the opening drum fill kicks the track into life, ‘Ten Feet Tall’ sounds as massive as it’s title would suggest.

It wouldn’t sound out of place on Ryan Adams’ earlier work, with thunderous guitars crashing over a piercing organ wail as Connell’s gorgeous vocal flutters between tender beauty, and soaring grandiosity.

B-side ‘No Visitors’ provides a more mellow alternative – a morbid, acoustic ballad about an “old dear” who dies in hospital with no company as she withers away.

As Connell sings “maybe no one out there loves her, it’s half past three on the ward and still no visitors”, never has a song about lonely death sounded so enchanting.

Reverieme releases are like buses – after a long wait for her first album, she has followed it up almost instantaneously with new music which is equally as special.

The Airdrie-born songstress clearly realises that she is currently going through a fruitful spell, and a mini LP and full length album are both pencilled in for later in the year.

On the basis of her recent output, there is little to doubt that she will exceed their already excellent standards.

Words: Graham McCusker


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