Fat Goth – Enorme! [Hefty Dafty]

Mainstays of the Scottish underground music scene for several years now, Fat Goth are party-happy Dundonions now on their fourth album of grubby, weed-infused rock music.

Their humorous style is reminiscent of Turbonegro or Dead Kennedys – they named their first album Mindless Crap – but there’s some musical chops to their full throttle wig outs too and now plenty of anger too.

‘Guestbook’ sets them off in typically frenetic style with gang vocals and hyperactive riffs before ‘Residency’ throws in twanging funk bass and drum fills.

‘Somewhat Awkward’ briefly sees the group slide into a classic rock groove before things collapse in on themselves once more for the punk riot ‘Queen Bee’.

Lo-fi in its production, Enorme! may be testing for the casual listener but if you buy into biting humour that flickers just on the edge of turning to rage then tracks like ‘Thoroughbred’ and the scathing ‘Not So Great Expectations’ might well be for you.

As with their previous records some of their jam segments get particularly tiring and the ramshackle country-pirate tracks that dotted their previous records have mostly been excised here.

But what stops Fat Goth from ever settling too comfortably is the flicker of anger that accompanies these songs.

Despite the lo-fi sounds – and in a similar vein to the oft-compared Future of the Left – there’s still plenty of seething rage underneath the knockabout titles and daft lines.

Ready to tackle the modern world with both justified anger and bout of piss-taking, Fat Goth are as provocative as ever.

Words: Max Sefton

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