Breakfast MUFF – ‘Babyboomers/R U A Feminist’ [Armour Foo]

It is a pet peeve of mine when music implores you to act in a certain way when musicians force ideologies down your throat – such as when Linkin Park started crying about people pouring olive oil down the sink or when Dead Prez started promoting imploring people to eat their vegetables.

I am happy to report that I did not find this issue with this single from Breakfast MUFF – despite being concerned that this might happen; and with a track name like ‘R U A Feminist’ I think that concern is forgivable.

The trio present a very cogent, energetic, exciting and interesting single that captures well their on-stage unpredictability, style and dynamicity.

‘Babyboomers’ employs a more traditional structure, but toys with it and messes it around; this effort is mirrored in the intergenerationally disparaging lyrics, while ‘R U A Feminist’ generalises less and is more of a personal tale.

Both songs are replete with well-placed and tonally appropriate punk-rock sensibilities, fine music and wonderfully unique vocal harmonies.

Eilidh and Simone feature more heavily on the vocals than does Cal here, but I expect more voCal’s (see what I did there?) on the upcoming album, Eurgh! since Breakfast MUFF do more on-stage role switching than indecisive Kama-Sutra instructors.

Words: Paul Aitken


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