CHUMP – ‘At Least We Got a Song Out of It’ [Gerry Loves]

The A-side – ‘At Least We Got a Song Out of It – is rhythmically hypnotic and oozes professionalism and poise as well as laid-back resignation; it’s vocally endearing and musically explorative, well engineered and beautifully recorded.

The wash of the cymbals is well placed and overlays the other instruments with a sense of distance.

The name of the track seems really obvious and I feel like I should have heard it before, but I haven’t, nor have I heard the sound of this song before, it is quite original and messes around with a lot of ideas and approaches.

CHUMP do a good job of embracing and balancing the sound of its global and local acoustic elements.

Starting out as the bedroom project of Tara – the singer and guitarist – the addition of the bassist and drummer in Tony and Matt respectively has brought out some highly engaging musicality between the two tracks presented here.

The B-side – ‘Lose Your Life’ – features softly spoken vocals from Tony, the fact that this track has made it onto the release suggests a highly collaborative atmosphere prevailing when CHUMP are CHUMPING – this will doubtlessly add to the long form wanderings of the bass and guitar and the tight but relaxed feel of the drums.

The production on the drums is especially apt on ‘Lose Your Life’, the poetic nature of the vocals are also well placed, speaking in a relatable voice about relatable subject matter – many bands try and fail to deliver a track such as this, CHUMP seem to succeed without trying.

Words: Paul Aitken


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