Foreignfox – I Used To Be A Bellydancer [Scottish Fiction]

Adding another branch to their EP bough, Foreignfox are set to release I Used To Be A Bellydancer through Scottish Fiction Records.

Staying true to their style of burly Scottish accents and deep-seated, emotive melodies, Foreignfox bring another robust set of tunes to the scene.

‘Perfect Place To Start’ is big; a well-equipped opening track with an intro so filled with suspense it makes you eager to hear what’s coming.

Politically charged, this track shows a concern for humanity and communicates a sense of disconcertion with the current state of things.

Angst, questioning and uncertainty colour the spirit of Jonny Watt’s lyrics while beautifully charged rhythms and melodies drive home so much passion, so much clout.

‘Bonfire’ is no less impressive with a more subtle beginning and what sounds like orchestral sampling to add to the weight of the track.

Watt sings with so much genuine sentiment, so authentically open hearted; the verses are low key while the chorus arrives with a fierce temperament – the journey through this one is diverse and yet distinctly comforting.

Echoing similar nuances of subtlety and sternness, ‘Monsoon’ affirms the band’s position as both crafty and as a group who have an established identity.

A mixture of post-punk creativity and Scottish coloured indie-rock, the range of skill offered in this short track is so potent and so memorable, it’s almost like a trip through a rugged wilderness with your closest friends.

Pain is a common feature throughout this EP and ‘Lights Off, Carry Me Home’ is no different, weaving sweeping guitar patterns with note bending chords and biting drumbeats, this one is solemn yet still hopeful.

The lead guitar melody provides respite from some of the more intense sections, while the energy comes through in the vocals and background rhythms.

The impressive finish to this EP is provided in ‘I Used To Be A Belly Dancer’, here the tone of Watt’s voice is on full display: it hits you in the gut and grabs your deepest emotions through honest lyrics that convey vulnerability and sincerity.

The crescendos are explosive and full of clashy chords that mimic the passion on display.

You can catch the launch of the new EP at PJ Molloys in Dunfermline on July 1 or hear them at King Tut’s Summer Nights on the July 20 in Glasgow.

Words: Rachel Cunningham


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