Premiere: Alex Maxwell – ‘The Want Comes In Waves’

‘The Want Comes In Waves’ is the first single from upcoming EP of the same title by Dumfries indie folk singer-songwriter Alex Maxwell, not the former Disney scouted ethereal pop you will find if you look up his name, and it’s our pleasure to be the first to bring it to you.

Waves washing onto the coast and the twittering of birds usher in the track, before a beautiful wash of campfire harmonies and finger-picking guitar build into Maxwell’s vocal, which recalls all the wordy Scottish-ness of Scott Hutchinson with all warmth of early Fleet Foxes.

The track doesn’t quite reach the heft of some of either’s material but does provide a nice taster of what Maxwell is capable of.

The video sees views over the ocean dispersed with what appears to depict a memory of a past relationship, showing past joys, but also dealing with loss, much like that of the song as Maxwell’s solitary but warming vocal spills “you’re just somebody I used to know”.

‘The Want Comes In Waves’ is a track that displays plenty of sing-along potential too, but don’t expect to be doing so without fighting a lump in your throat and a tear in your eye.


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