The Van T’s – ‘Fresh Meat’ [LAB]

Quite easily one of the hottest properties in the country right now, The Van T’s, fronted by twins Hannah and Chloe Van Thompson, have exploded from a clustered scene of bland poseurs with a genuinely exciting blend of grunge, shoegaze and scuzz-fuelled riffs.

New single ‘Fresh Meat’, their first since signing to LAB Records, completely justifies the evergrowing hype surrounding them.

From the opening gritty, distorted riff, the track is an uncompromising aural assault.

Hannah Van Thompson purrs “it feels so good to be bad”, as stratospheric guitars wail on top of drums being pounded so ferociously, that drummer Shaun Hood should be charged for battery.

‘Fresh Meat’ is bold, it’s brash, it’s in your face, and is everything a rock and roll record should be.

With massive expectation now burdened upon them following their early successes, The Van T’s have still managed to kick it up several gears.

On ‘Fresh Meat’, the four-piece have managed to fuse the distortion-drenched surf rock of their earlier material, with a new darker depth which suits them perfectly.

Words: Graham McCusker


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