Mt. Doubt – ‘Tourists’ [Scottish Fiction]

Following the positive response to Mt. Doubt’s critically acclaimed albums In Awe of Nothing and My Past is a Quiet Beast, March saw the release of new single ‘Tourists’.

It’s a story about Leo Bargery’s fear of flying and the tone is tongue and cheek, while the melody is a smooth, free-flowing mantra.

The composition is sincere but the sentiment more jovial, Bargery’s voice has the capacity for wandering through low tones, luring you into a peaceful hum, before leaping up an octave or two.

It is perhaps a sign of his anxiety about his “aversion to aviation” as if the very thought of it chokes his baritone slumber.

B-side ‘Let Us Prey’ shares a similar capacity to fill the space between your ears with a warm reverberation.

Moving in what sounds like fifths, the backing feels like a sanctuary in which Bargery shares his sense of loneliness; pulsating and pining, the keys compliment the disdain and downtrodden prose.

In the final build-up, we are met with a solid drum beat that paints the earthy, almost tribal picture of what it feels like to be “the prey”, entering a wilderness so unprotected, without shelter, without belonging.

This skilful juxtaposition of both the playful and the deep is the perfect marrying of two worlds that normally dare not meet.

Words: Rachel Cunningham


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