Radiophonic Tuckshop – Running Commentary [Last Night From Glasgow]

Glaswegian musical guru Joe Kane is a man of many hats – not only is he a highly-regarded producer, he features in numerous (and diverse) bands, ranging from the psych-pop of Dr Cosmos’s Tape Lab, to being “Paul” in the excellent Beatles tribute act Them Beatles.

Always keen to progress onto something new, Kane has enlisted the talents of his Them Beatles bandmate Craig McGown, as well as members of Mother & The Addicts, The Fast Camels and The Martial Arts to unveil the latest of his musical endeavours – Radiophonic Tuckshop, with the release of their debut EP – Running Commentary.

The distorted, powerpop riffs of the title track kick things off before giving way to a melody stolen straight from The Beatles’ early material.

‘Buried Alive’ is a far more mellow affair, with dreamy harmonies before all of a sudden transforming into a joyful Beach Boys-inspired jam as the track draws to a close.

The flow to the EP is spoiled by the messy ‘Rockingham Palace Revisited’, in which frontman Kane’s vocal is lost amongst a mess of effects and drone.

The playful ‘Bring It On Girl’ swiftly regains the high standard and is a slice of delicious wonky pop – even managing to get away the nonsensically brilliant lyric such “I think I’m going to lose my lunch, the catch has broke on my lunchbox”.

Radiophonic Tuckshop save the best for last with exceptional ‘As Hard As I Feel’, an anthemic footstomper, with a grandiosity akin to Sparks in their pomp.

Running Commentary is unashamedly powered by a modern take on retro rock and roll which wears its influences on its sleeve.

Going by the joy that the record radiates, Radiophonic Tuckshop certainly looks to be a project that the effervescent Kane won’t be shelving in a hurry.

Words: Graham McCusker

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