Preview: Doune The Rabbit Hole (Friday)

With Doune the Rabbit Hole coming up next weekend we thought we’d give you a run down of some of the acts to check out, problem was we felt the line up so strong that we couldn’t limit it down to a certain number, here’s a wee day by day effort to keep you occupied:


Headlined by Liars, a band that now has a fairly hefty and still consistent back catalogue, and featuring a DJ set from snooker legend Steve Davis Friday opens the festival in the evening til the wee hours of Saturday morning, here our recommendations outside of the headliner:

BDY_PRTS (16.00, Jabberwocky)

The colourful duo, now turned trio of BDY_PRTS, Jill O’Sullivan (Sparrow And The Workshop, James Yorkston), Jenny Reeve (Strike The Colours, Arab Strap, The Reindeer Section) and Jonny Scott (The Kills, Chvrches), returned this year with new with subtle harmonies and avant pop of new single ‘Rooftops’ and if the single is anything to go by we can expect big things from a band that have been slowing building for a few years now.

UBRE BLANCA (01.00, Baino)

The rather unsettling, yet always dance floor filling duo, have promised something new at Doune, expect something ferocious come 1am!

HAPPY MEALS (23.00, The Lodge)

Playing two sets over the weekend, the duo that we consider one of the most exciting acts around just now start with what would be there pop set that will set you with as much compulsion to dance as it will intrigue at their beautiful mix of bleeps that borrows sounds from as far as Italo disco, 80s synth pop, acid house, through in a few gorgeous vocal hooks to boot and hugely entertaining live show they’re ones not to be missed.

ADAM TORRES (19.00, Baino)

Over the course of the last ten years Adam Torres has attracted much critical acclaim for his gorgeous vocal, now his songs have grown into something more wild and growing a lovely chill slot to ease you in or calm you down when things get too wild.

FALLOPE & THE TUBES (19.00, The Lodge)

With costume changes almost every song and still some proper great, weird punk pop songs to boot Fallope & the Tubes could the one that sticks with you. Expect loads of fun and the girls dressed as giant vaginas at some point.

LYLO (17.00, Baino)

Another band that have allowed themselves time to grow are LYLO and they are beginning to show the sign of blossoming into something that could be much more than the Glasgow scene favourite they currently are. Live the guys are formidable, delivering jazz enthused post punk vibes and plenty of presence upfront, a perfect catch for any time of the evening.

HQFU (01.00, The Lodge)

Sarah J Stanley’s electro alias HQFU will thrive given the right slot, last year her set got a little lost in the rain and chatter at the at times sound affected Parabola Stage, but trusting the festival have found her a more suitable setting her sets can be truly infectious and hypnotic experiences. A perfect pick me up for those late evening lulls or one to hit the dancing to late on.


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