Introducing New Music Channel: Every Sole Productions

Although it may, not quite, seem the right time to wonder when N-Dubz will be back, or more importantly whether Oasis will ever tour again, it might however be just the right time to create a new online music channel.

That’s what I thought anyway, when we started Every Sole Productions in 2016, I mean it was precisely along those lines really.

You know those days (come on we all have them) when we start to think of Dappy, Tulisa, the other one and then suddenly boom a new online music channel is born.

Ok, I’ll admit another sessions channel is perhaps not the most pressing thing that the world needs right now, I am thinking a baseball cap that falls just short of Donald Trump’s chin is perhaps more crucial.

Nonetheless, the fact is, Every Sole Productions is not something that anyone needs at all, but I reckon it’s something that you want.

And that’s because anything that helps to celebrate music hardly has the taste of Spam… well hopefully not; try it and see.

Every Sole Productions is based in Edinburgh and focuses on scouting acts from a variety of genres.

That means acoustic acts who gurgle folk and collect elbow pads are not really our thing.

Instead we aim to host people who can highlight something progressive within the Edinburgh scene, which albeit is still there in spite of Glasgow’s gloriously established shadow.

To this day the YouTube channel has featured genres across the board from jazz, afro pop, soul and yes even folk, well one or two.

You may even recognise the names of the acts we’ve featured from Emme Woods to Mt. Doubt to Mexfs.

Really the aim of the channel, despite wonderful private gigs for the director, is to help promote acts by giving them a professionally shot video, which is certainly currency if you are trying to get a gig today.

Every Sole Productions aims to be a local talent directory for both gig promoters and fans alike.

It also acts as a platform with standards both cinematically and talent…ly.

Hey! We are not claiming that we can spell or that we can turn water into Buckfast but we sure as hell can Show The Scene.

If you are an act on Every Sole Productions you are going to be seen by hundreds of people.

What’s more is that it’s a consistent music channel, consistent in style and quality.

For us it’s all about bringing you the sweet stuff, which after all may be necessary in these times N-Dubz or not, Trump or not, music or…wait a minute!

There is no space for the word “not” after music!

That’s certain just like the fact that Every Sole Productions is committed to promoting the scene.

So if you fancy it, why don’t you go ahead subscribe to the channel and Share Some Sole, you know we’ll be doing it.

You can find Every Sole Productions and new artists on YouTube and Facebook.

Words: Mhairi MacDonald

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