Lewis Capaldi – ‘Lost On You’

We could summarise this single review up in one meme that was tweeted at Lewis Capaldi as a response to his latest release: who hurt you, Lewis? Who hurt you?

Following his first break out release ‘Bruises’, comes the highly anticipated and equally as heartbreaking follow up ‘Lost On You.’

The three minute and fifteen second lament unfolds a story about loss, regret and the melancholic reflection that tends to come with a seemingly partisan demise of a relationship.

The song opens with soft, delicate piano which accompanies a softer, brooding vocal from Capaldi.

As the verse progresses – his vocals build and get stronger, and the raw emotion is palpable, even in recording.

The simple melody of the piano accompaniment is a nicely added touch, but I can imagine that even an acapella rendition of this would still be just as spine tingling.

Capaldi’s vocal, though consistently strong, seems to build more as the song goes on, as if he becomes more comfortable and confident in his now modern crooner, signature sound.

While the millions of Spotify listens might help to heal his broken heart, it not only does this show success and potential for the young singer — it shows that he has a fantastic ability to tap into a universal experience and make it something raw and tangible in the simple form of a song.

Words: Alisa Wylie


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