GURL+++ – Nerv00se

Nerv00se is the latest peek into the mind of Glasgow based producer GURL+++.

This EP is an interesting piece and I will confess that I did have to listen to it a few times to really ‘get it’, however, I certainly get it now.

If anyone was in any doubt about what to expect from this EP, then the intro to title track ‘Nerv00se (intro)’ should make it clear that they are in for quite the experience.

The heavily cut up vocals and obscure quote from ‘Airplane!’ set the tone for the rest of the record very well.

Trying to define a genre for this record is nigh on impossible, which is a testament to the music itself- is it hip-hop? Is it dance? Who knows, just enjoy it.

Title track ‘Nerv00se’ has elements of hip-hop, dance and house, accompanied by excellent vocal work by Lewis Williams.

Things take a slightly more ambient twist on ‘ghibli’, almost three minutes of sleepy keyboard and clunky bass.

This is a nice midpoint in the EP and really ties the previous tracks with what is to come.

‘Dance Dead Boy’ is a well-crafted toe tapper with a catchy bassline and repetitive lyrics, which will stick in your head.

The effects on the vocals and repetition give them almost a robotic feel, which winds itself to the image of a ‘dead boy dance’.

‘GB2WHEN’, (Go back to when), is a well put together track with a haunting chorus “close your eyes and take me back to when”; the atmospheric keyboard and repetition of this line will have you closing your eyes and thinking of a past life.

The EP ends on ‘Pink VR’, at just over one minute long, the track has a real feeling of saying goodbye and closing the door on something; a fitting end to a complex and interesting EP.

As stated at the beginning, I wasn’t sure what to think of this EP, but by the end, I realise I had nothing to be Nerv00se about.

Words: Steven Aitken


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