Savage Mansion – ‘Do You Say Hello to Your Neighbours?’ [Lost Map]

Lost Map postcard release from Savage Mansion, ‘Do You Say Hello to Your Neighbours’ is a fleshy piece of pragmatic laziness, emitting imaginary craft and an unquestionable attitude that textures the track throughout.

Launching into a distinctive and highly melodic guitar line, which quickly establishes a prominent radiance; the deadened drums provoke a sense of moody-solace, lifting appropriately.

The bass provides a real interesting layer to the track, giving fibre and stability – weaving guitar lines extenuate the sulky vocal, leaving opportunity for the main vocal to hang back, allowing the instrumentation to fasten down on the overall feel.

‘Do You Say Hello to Your Neighbours?’ is a serious slab of attractive songwriting, non-pretentious and thought provoking – excitingly hopeful.

Words: John Houston


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