John Wheels – Users [GoldMold]

Perth based emo-outfit John Wheels deliver something which is equal parts original and bathed in the tradition of their style.

The lyrics are delivered in a poetic spoken word fashion on ‘Users’ with some subtle screaming in the background.

I would like to hear more of that screaming on record, it would do a good job of carrying the emotionality of the band forwards.

The artwork, the tone of the music and the start of ‘Malt House’ confer the fact that the band don’t take themselves too seriously, but this doesn’t preclude them from displaying serious song-writing talent and a keen taste.

The instruments and the vocals complement each other well in delivering well-rounded and authentic emo, my only criticism would be that both of the tracks sound like openers.

‘Malt House’ more of an open and traditional structure, but is very short.

‘Users’ is longer but remains nested in its delivery – which as described is soft and poetic.

As a teaser, it’s very moreish, I’m looking forward to a longer, more comprehensive example of this bands potential.

users by john wheels

Words: Paul Aitken

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