Announcement: Scottish Fiction End of Year Show

2017 has been a really great special for Scottish Fiction as a label and they will close out the year with a belter of bill that brings together every act they’ve released this year plus one still to be announced special guest, and it’s our pleasure to announce the line up:

Annie Booth

An Unforgiving Light was a very special release indeed as Annie Booth shines outside of her role within Mt. Doubt, from which she has clearly learned a lot; expect puncturing melody and raw lyrics, marked by the contrasts of folk roots and alt-rock backing, with urgent instrumentation contrasted with introspective vocals.


Glasgow based quintet Acrylic create an atmosphere of 80’s gloom and welcome it to modernity, there is something electric about the pace them as a live act that comes with a hot tempered pace to it, with fantastic Mogwai-esque grinding build-ups and volcanic releases.

Mt. Doubt

With two EPs and two split singles 2017 has been a real year of growth for Edinburgh Mt. Doubt, producing what is their most collaborative work to date with plenty of meaty alt-rock sounds, inspired and darkly humorous musings and the irrespirable booming vocal from Leo Bargery; Mt. Doubt are a band that will keep you more than cosy and are a joy in live setting.


Headlining the night are Dunfermline five-piece Foreignfox, whose chaotic yet awe-inspiring, sky soaring lives set have become a welcome staple for us at Rave Child, their alt-folk come post rock sound will have you revelling along, while Jonny Watt’s distinct Scottish emotive vocals will drag from near to tears to explosive sing-alongs; a powerful prospect.

Scottish Fiction

For the label, 2017 kicked off in April with a split 7″ from Foreignfox and Mt. Doubt, which was just the start as quite poignantly as it’s been a year of collaboration and growth for the label and acts involved.

The first of two EP’s from Mt. Doubt and an EP from Foreignfox quickly followed, before another split release this time from Acrylic and Mt. Doubt.

A full-length release from Annie Booth saw the label join forces with another highly active indie label, Last Night From Glasgow, before we an upcoming second EP from Mt. Doubt due in November.
Here’s what Scottish Fiction founder Neil Wilson had to say:
“It’s been a wave of highs for me and I’m really pleased with the music we’ve released.  I’d always envisaged doing split releases, so it was great to be able to team Mt. Doubt up with both Foreignfox and Acrylic for those.  As for Mt. Doubt’s EP’s, I think they represent a real step forward for the band, both in production and song-writing.  Annie’s album is just something special.  She’s such a talent, and it’s been a privilege to be involved in that.  And Foreignfox’s EP was a real delight.  We paired up the new EP, with a remastered version of their debut, and released both on 12″ vinyl, complete with stunning artwork.  It’s a triumph.”

The show takes place at Glasgow’s Hug and Pint on December 22, you can buy your tickets now from this link:


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