Annie Booth – An Unforgiving Light [Scottish Fiction/Last Night From Glasgow]

Edinburgh based artist Annie Booth has received critical acclaim and is continuing to impress in her new release An Unforgiving Light.

A self-described indie-rock/folk artist, Booth is on point with not only her song writing, but her capacity to communicate many deep sentiments through her work.

Mellow tones melt with the soft vocals in ‘Demons’, it’ll send shivers down your spine; beautifully concocted, the opening track is a solemn yet captivating experience, which is directly contrasted with ‘Over My’.

The drums rumble in with calypso like guitar features decorating the backdrop of syncopated vocals that dance in the light of punchy lyrics as Booth shows mastery in her capacity for crossing many plains of musical forms.

‘Post-Goodbyes’ starts slower, but still in the character of its predecessor; Booth’s voice is showcased in her ability to move seamlessly across octaves while maintaining accuracy in pitch and harmony.

After this impressive start ‘Never Go To Church’ shuffles along, communicating views through a deep bossanova style beat; bending over notes on electric guitar, it feels casual and effortless.

Booth has a keen way of creating neat little repeated patters that are both catchy and addictively pleasing to the ear.

This continues in ‘Chasm’ and ‘Solitude’, the latter of which is much slower than the rest, it harks of Ani Difranco style angst and exhibits musical prowess, the perfect kind of vibe for lounging around on a rainy day.

‘Reverie’ is also magically soothing, soft yet skilfully bold; it’s hard to articulate the effects of this album in general but it feels pretty special.

Just like many of the tracks on this album, ‘The Line’ raises the hairs on the back of your neck, it’s the perfect combination of musicianship, meaningful lyrics and originality with still being comforting.

The tracks on An Unforgiving Light accumulate to provide an enthrallingly successful listening experience.

Words: Rachel Cunningham


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