Jonnie Common – ‘Restless’ [Song, by Toad]

Questioning, dissatisfaction with the milieu and poking at working life are all themes of this single from Jonnie Common.

A master of word play and poetic prowess, Common meanders through ideas about the world and dreams of what could be; it’s a light-hearted soundtrack formed around some deep ideas.

The track starts like a laidback stroll on a Sunday afternoon, the soft drum brushes paint a calmness that juxtaposes the ‘Restless’ sentiment of the tune itself.

Arpeggiated chords frame sweet melodies that feature electronic blips, this neat addition makes everything that little bit more playful.

On the B-side, the C Duncan remix is equally enchanting, Common chose C Duncan as it was at one of his shows he first played the track live.

The rap-esque features shine in the backdrop of mellow brass melodies and at the end, in acapella form, the lyrics are emboldened by the surrounding silence.

‘Restless’ is an insight on the many good things that might come from Jonnie Common.

Words: Rachel Cunningham


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