Breakfast Muff – Eurgh! [Amour Foo]

Lyrically punk, a bit derisive, yet never far from a cheekily decisive hook.

Breakfast Muff is that chaotic clatter in the corner, the clutter of noise you cannot quite ignore no matter how many times you slam the window shut.

Eurgh! is a bit like that conversation you had in the smoking area of a clubbing nightspot last weekend, desperate to eloquently express views of social anxiety and repressed demeanour with the attention span of a gold fish.

Gender, arousal and pervasion of society rocket under the sirens of beautifully crafted lo-fi punk scuzz across the thirteen songs from the Glasgow three piece.

‘R U A Feminist?’ blasts with its satirical and curiously driven first person commentary on the loose morals of those in lucid desire of being loved, blanketing selfish desires with a pretence stance on soliciting feministic values in exchange for a one night stand.

No track seeps longer than two and a half minutes as the DIY trio rally best when up against the tide, squeezing out combustible rhythmic battles; “pick up the gun, I’ll shoot you first” bathe Eilidh, Cal and Simone in a bitterly saccharine chorus, illicitly backdropped in a setting of fuzzy detuned guitars and distorted lo-fi haze on ‘Babyboomers’.

Perhaps the greatest unlocked achievement to be found on Eurgh! is the nauseating relaxation which eventually endeavours itself as the record progresses and the high wears off.

What veers out originally as a palatable buffet of blasé yet somewhat uncomfortably warming paraphrases set out to challenge social constructions best showcased on ‘Birthday Party’ with the words; “I want to wear your skin to my birthday party” organically begins to navigate into a perilous and envious setting of hindsight found on the delightfully repulsive ‘Stinky Goodbyes’ and closing track ‘Waving Cat’.

“Things don’t ever get better but they won’t get worse either”.

Breakfast Muff will probably write better records in future, but this is their best yet and that is something we can be quite happy about in 2017.

Words: Chris Kelman


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