Lewis Capaldi – Bloom [Capitol/Virgin EMI]

To be able to write such provocative lyrics at the age of 20 is something Lewis Capaldi should be incredibly proud of.

Or perhaps he should just be grateful for the experiences he has had, as he says of debut EP Bloom “it’s a collection of songs that captures the last year of my life”.

An EP painting a picture of love and failed relationships, Capaldi’s powerful voice adds to the emotion of ‘Fade’, as he reminisces about a past lover.

Originally released as a single earlier this year, the heart-breaking ‘Bruises’ made Capaldi the first unsigned artist to reach 25 million Spotify plays and the tempo is increased in ‘Mercy’, as a broken Capaldi can take no more.

It is clear that Capaldi has drawn on painful experiences, as a failed relationship again features prominently in ‘Lost On You’.

Whilst in terms of subject the songs are very similar, Capaldi’s vocals make the EP a very enjoyable listen.

The thought-provoking lyrics induce empathy from the listener as you are taken on a journey through romantic troubles.

Good things surely lie ahead for Capaldi, who has such a natural talent, hopefully 2018 will be kinder to him outside of his music so he has a wider range of topics to talk about.

Words: Joe Anderson


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