Static Union – ‘Last Resort/Last of Our Kind’

‘Last Resort/Last of Our Kind’ is the latest single from the incredibly talented Static Union, having already performed at XpoNorth, Tenement Trail and Prince’s Street at the Edinburgh Festival, Static Union will be headlining King Tut’s for the second time this year in December.

Both tracks exhibit the band’s incredible songwriting and production talent, which was nourished by Julian Victor Corrie (previous works include Belle and Sebastian, Miaoux Miaoux and Chrvches) who mixed the tracks and Peter Mahr (previous works include U2, Lana Del Ray and The Rolling Stones) who mastered them.

‘Last of Our Kind’ showcases Static Union’s immense sound with their powerful shimmering guitars and pulsating bass and drums the intriguing vocals.

This track captures the fragility of the environment as we know it following the US Presidential election how people are left angered and frustrated by the establishment.

With a strong consistent beat, this track makes excellent use of a mixture of distorted and clean guitars to create a wave of music that grabs the listener’s attention from the first note till the last note.

‘Last Resort’ is an exquisite track that demonstrates their versatility and development as writers as they take a more delicate approach.

The vocals and drums come together creating a slightly haunting sense of longing to be more than just someone’s ‘Last Resort.’

There has clearly been a great amount of thought and sentiment put into crafting the lyrics.

With comparisons being made to The Cure, Interpol and New Order, Static Union has an incredibly promising future ahead of them having received many positive reviews and radio play.

Words: Shannon Cullen


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