Monoganon – ‘Black Hole’ [Lost Map]

The spacey soundscape of Monoganon’s ‘Black Hole,’ spearheads the much anticipated Killmens album, aptly released on 19th November 2017 – International Men’s Day.

Comparable to the all-encompassing black holes drifting through our solar systems, the five-and-a-half-minute track is an immersive experience, holding its listener in one place while dreamy synths and scattered drum beats unravel over introspective lyrical refrains of: “Crush me, I am nothing.”

Correlating to the significance of the album’s release date, the reflective lyrical content is explained by John B. McKenna as “looking to admit to then destroy basic masculinity.”

Themes of macho-loathing and male identity are carefully explored throughout the album, and are masterfully performed in this atmospheric and alluring track.

As ‘Black Hole’ culminates into a haunting piano and vocal ending, there is time for reflection of Monoganon’s interstellar journey through galaxies of wonder, psych-pop and gender contemplation.

Words: Marie Collins

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