Bdy_Prts, Wuh Oh, Fiskur at Stereo, 1/12/17

After the recent release of their debut album, Fly Invisible Hero, and hot on the heels of supporting Pussy Riot on their recent tour stop in Glasgow, the local music scene is all a’chatter about Bdy_Prts, a coming-together of two talented musical minds; Jenny Reeves and Jill O’Sullivan.

The duo is no strangers to performing their music to the masses, hailing from both Strike the Colours and Sparrow and the Workshop, respectively.

It’s a full roster of Scottish acts on the supporting line-up tonight, first up is Fiskur, a collaboration between Glasgow singer/songwriter Ross Clark and Frightened Rabbit’s Andy Monaghan.

Tonight Clark is flying solo; just one man with his guitar and the occasional drum track.

The crowd at this point in the evening is still small, but seem captivated from the offset.

His brand of electronic pop is startlingly sincere, without taking itself too seriously, and his strong vocals really stand out despite the muffled buzz of folk entering the downstairs venue.

Next up is Wuh Oh, whom I’ve heard a great deal about but have never had the fortune to see live until now.

Wuh Oh is formed of producer and multi-instrumentalist Peter Ferguson who enters the stage, takes a swig of Stella and proceeds to blow everyone’s minds with a set of sample-laden, electronic tunes that flow into one another seamlessly.

Ferguson’s performance style is like nothing I’ve seen before, his body moves hyperactively along with the music and he matches every beat with a manic grimace as if the music is literally coursing through his veins – it’s absolutely mental to watch, but it works.

After a stormer of a set from Wuh Oh, Bdy_Prts arrive on stage, with Reeves and O’Sullivan both wearing metallic space-age costumes.

Looking like a fierce combination between Barbarella and Bowie, they open their set with ‘IDLU’, a sorrow-tinged pop track with a sweet melody and catchy hooks.

Next is ‘Rooftops’, a more recent single from the new album, by this song the two singers’ vocals are in full swing, and their harmonies weave in and out of each other’s perfectly.

The crowd are dancing wildly now as the band play ‘Warrior’, an upbeat and pulsating track which O’Sullivan introduces with a short acappella prelude; showcasing a fantastic set of pipes.

Reeves takes to the crowd with the microphone and a pack of silver star stickers, which she proceeds to put on select faces at the front of the room, much to their excitement.

There continues to be a lot of nice interaction between the two performers and their audience, with O’Sullivan also taking the opportunity to join a fan for a slow dance mid-song.

There’s also a lot of well-orchestrated dancing on stage, giving the whole performance a very 80’s vibe a la Kate Bush.

Continuing on the 80’s theme, there’s a cover of The Creatures’ ‘Mad Eyed Screamer’, where Reeves and O’Sullivan with their guitars and shoulder pads, look and sound like they could be playing at an American prom filled with teenage troublemakers and misfits.

The interaction on stage between the two is pretty electric, and it’s evident that there’s a great dynamic at work here.

When there’s a lot of buzz about a new band, it’s easy to get carried away with the hype, but having seen Bdy_Prts tonight delivering all that was mentioned and more, they’ve certainly gained at least one new fan.

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Words: Amanda Johnston
Photos: Caitlin MacIntyre

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