Life Model, West Princes, L-Space, Caitlin Buchanan at Sleazy’s, 6/12/17

Tonight on this bleak cold winter’s night Cornerstoned Productions have engineered a night of indie delights worth venturing down to the Sleazy’s basement for.

The first act Caitlin Buchannan is a jarring talent, her voice is gentle while packing some serious power.

Her sound seems influenced by late 80s and early 90s acts like This Mortal Coil as well as having prog rock bravado, at points it feels like we’re standing a few feet away from Kate Bush.

Not many acts leave the stage to hushed murmurs of “holy shit”, fewer still of those where accompanied with no more than a Spanish guitar.

L-Space is a knowingly geeky outfit (they are named after a Terry Pratchet’s Discworld reference), but is still undeniably cool; the band oozes creativity and is the definition of a forward thinking modern band.

With wispy vocals, crisp electronic synthesisers and guitar, bass and drum machine ready to get the thoughtful crowd dancing at a moments notice.

The thing that really stands about this band are the content of there songs, in a scene drowning in the same old angst and heartache L-Space is the cure, with refreshingly crafted songs imagining what future generations will sing on Mars.

L-Space is one of the most exciting bands in Glasgow, if you find yourself getting bored of going to gigs in small venues, don’t give up without seeing this band.

Next up West Princess, who over the last few years has proved themselves to be some of Glasgow’s finest, recently they’ve added keyboard to their roster, which really shakes up there sound.

The guys give an enjoyable performance and as always the fun everyone is having on stage is transmitted to the audience.

The keys have a great vintage feel and lend a Steely Dan vibe, playing just the right amount to have maximum impact.

The whole performance has a lot more punch than in the past, moving away slightly from there previous 60s/shoegaze style.

Life Model is here to celebrate there fifth birthday and certainly deserve the cake, having this year released some of their best music on EP Lucky.

Appearances off the new EP are mixed with songs going back to their first gig (‘Long Way Round’).

Before playing Jojo McCafferty the bass player was worried about the performance after a heavy night supporting The Cribs with Tongue Trap the previous night.

You wouldn’t be able to guess with McCafferty’s booming bassline, as always making way for the rest of the band, an appearance of Tongue Trap co conspirers head banging down the front giving much needed moral support for her hangover.

The highlight of the night is the band’s festive cover, Low’s ‘It Was Just Like Christmas’ is the perfect antidote for a bleak night and made this reviewer feel Christmassy for the first time this year.

Words: Peter Johnstone


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