Spiral Oh presents EAT FAST, HOME$LICE, West Princes, Unskilled Labour at The Old Hairdressers, 7/12/17

Unskilled Labour kick off the Spiral Oh night at The Old Hairdressers, the band consists of two players, switching between bass and guitar playing along to drum tracks.

Unskilled Labour dress appropriately in workie clothing, yellow fluorescent vest and cowboy hats fitting to their band name, entertaining the crowd with their act having a comedic vibe.

The duo makes an impression on the audience, providing songs that give a good chuckle.

West Princes don’t just play their songs, but perform every single note with enthusiasm and energy.

They kick off the set with sensational harmony work that sent chills down your spine.

From the first song until the very last, the band maintain high energy levels and the crowd is captivated by the music and the energy the band portray.

The intensity of the musicians is insane and the audience adore how much passion goes into their high-energy set, which closes with ‘Spring Tide’.

Never faltering throughout the set, West Princes show themselves to be a real contender in the current scene.

Keeping the high-energy vibe going, HOME$LICE perform with amazing new song ‘Real Lyf’, the vocalist has a great stage character as he clearly enjoying himself, dancing along to the songs and keeping the audience going.

This band is a fun band to watch and had a blast performing on stage.

The last band of the night is EAT FAST, the headline act who are originally from Newcastle are distinctively heavier than the previous acts.

The garage rockers provide a very good show, keeping the liveliness of the tracks up throughout, while their heavy guitar led songs and strong vocals hold their own against the, at times overwhelming, power of the band.

Despite some volume issues with the set, EAT FAST continued on, as the eleventh hour approaches the band played one final track, bowing out with the same high energy that they started with.

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Words: Shannon Cullen
Photos: Jake Gordon


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