Ho99o9 at Stereo, 11/12/2017

Safe to say there is quite the buzz filtrating through the basement of Stereo tonight, shock rap punks Ho99o9 are in town with a full lyrical audio assault.

Arriving theatrically in full drag and dresses, the New Jersey duo quickly whip an incredibly raucous Glasgow crowd into shape – almost making us forget it is a wet and windy Monday night for an hour with their satirical take on politics, fashion and later necrophilia.

Performing over a looping wrestling sound byte from the 90s, fronting members TheOGM and Eaddy manage to comfortably balance gravel tones with a more serene and thinly layered vocal texture – best showcased on the likes of ‘Street Power’ from latest album – aptly titled The United States of Horror.

There is very little room for breath as the band co-ordinate a profusely obliterating chaotic rave which spreads an incredibly similar tale of contagion to what would be witnessed at a Prodigy show, the penetration and angst which goes into ‘Bone Collector’ makes such an impression that if you stare hard enough into the sweaty condensed Stereo ceiling, you may actually witness Donald Trump regress back into his chair in Washington such is the muscly intent and swagger of Ho99o9’s repressed middle American political stance.

If there are two things we can take from tonight, it’s that Ho99o9 don’t give a bahooky who they upset nor who they rub up the wrong way – as was the case when they were kicked off the Warped Tour 2015 tour two dates in for performing in the same strikingly beautiful attire as they chose to wear tonight.

This evening in Glasgow city centre, we don’t give a bahooky either – when the musicianship and showmanship is so strong – style and attire takes a very distant second to musical substance.

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Words: Chris Kelman
Photos: Caitlin MacIntyre


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