Hit The Road featuring Last Light, The 101, Bellarose at The Garage, 15/12/17

Hit The Road is an exciting project managed by the Scottish Music Centre which takes three acts on the road with each band taking the headline slot in their own home crowd.

They support artists who are aged 14-19, living in Scotland and who don’t have previous touring experience or are signed professionally.

The latest tour saw Edinburgh quartet Bellarose, Aberdeen 5-piece indie/pop band The 101 and Glasgow indie rock trio Last Light ‘hit the road’.

The Glasgow gig is in The Garage’s Attic Bar, a tight little venue and with a fair sized young crowd of 14 and older.

Up first are Edinburgh’s Bellarose and it is clear to see where their influences lay with a tight set and a strong rock vibe; think Foo Fighters, The Strokes etc.

The 101 from Aberdeen have a totally different vibe with an uplifting fusion of funk/pop with some jazz influences.

In a short set they demonstrate their talent with songs such as their first release, ‘Not You But Me’, recent single ‘Cliché’ and yet to be released forthcoming and more laid back ‘Listen No More’.

These guys are on the up having recently been recognised with a ‘Pride Of Aberdeen’ award and their headlining set on the Aberdeen leg of the tour is sure to be a stormer.

Headlining in Glasgow is Last Light, not sure if they are the youngest but two members are reportedly still at school and they are relative newcomers to the live scene.

They cite their influences as Biffy Clyro and Led Zeppelin, but these guys are indie rockers with a unique style.

The Attic is packed for their set and they do not disappoint.

Honing strong lad rock swagger the set includes a stripped back melancholy version of Bowie’s ‘Heroes’; this is band with great potential given the right opportunities to develop.

If this is the future of Scottish music we are in a good place and with the support of such as Hit The Road and Creative Scotland (who just had a significant boost in the latest Scottish budget) it can only get better.

Words/Photos: Derek McCutcheon

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