Catholic Action – ‘No Angels’

Seems to have been a glut of quality Christmas tunes this year with such as Radiophonic Tuckshop, Mark W. Georgsson, Natalie Pryce, The Spook School and an Olive Grove Records compilation and more, but a standout is Catholic Action with ‘No Angels’.

A cheeky number apparently inspired by a sighting of Noddy Holder last year in a street in Edinburgh, it’s a statement about the overindulgence and excesses at Christmas.

A fun, merry and tongue in cheek alternative look at Christmas summed up by the chorus “you can’t have sex at Christmas, can’t make love or screw,” this from frontman Chris McCrory who once drummed in a band called ‘Casual Sex’ (try searching them on the web!).

A strong indie pop single with a slight tinge of country style guitar and just enough of a sprinkling of bells to remind us it is Christmas.

This could just be the strongest of the alternative Scottish Christmas releases, if not certainly the catchiest.

Words: Derek McCutcheon

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