Natalie Pryce – A Very Special Christmas With Natalie Pryce [Ptarmigan]

Natalie Pryce do things in their own inimitable style, so to announce the release of their A Very Special Christmas With Natalie Pryce EP they only teased it with ‘9’ short video trailers on social media in a film noir style.

It ain’t no surprise from these guys and the fact that it was also released on a ‘pink cassette’ should be no surprise either.

Natalie Pryce is no individual but in fact a five piece garage punk outfit renowned for their presentation be it live performance or on video.

The EP is introduced by ‘Natalie Pryce Radio’ that sets a sinister tone, “the weather outside is frightful but inside my mind it’s much worse” says the presenter.

‘Mrs Claus’ opens the EP – a story of the Christmas night out; is it the only night of the year when you see everyone in their true light and is the boss going to get his comeuppance? No season of goodwill here!

‘Rudolph’ illustrates the anxiety of not knowing what to buy a loved one at Christmas, we are expected to know aren’t we but that’s not always the case? Just tell us what you want…

‘Santa Claus’ is the story of an evil Santa Claus, watching your home all year round, heavy breathing season’s greetings down the phone and the anticipation of his arrival.

The EP ends with the 32 second ‘Blitzen’ – a screaming voice telling of the disappointment of the gifts received by a loved one.

A totally unorthodox, alternative, narcissistic and sinister look at Christmas in a strong bluesy punk/garage style that hooks you in to the songs.

You’ll be singing along even if you don’t acknowledge the sentiment.

Natalie Pryce are performance artists whose music is as strong as their visuals and theatrics; the Complete Package?

Words: Derek McCutcheon


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