FAT BLACK CATS, FRANKY’S EVIL PARTY, The Kidney Flowers at Broadcast, 18/1/18

The Kidney Flowers seem to have a residency at Broadcast and that may be no bad thing.

Kicking off the proceedings they provided their usual tight set of punky garage blues.

Held together by the strong drums of Abi and the bluesy bass guitar riffs emanating from Sean, all complemented by the abrasive, attacking guitar and vocals of frontman Grant.

A cracking set and the good news is the guys are hitting the studio with plans to release an album.

Up next and straight out of leftfield are FRANKY’S EVIL PARTY; having witnessed the demise of Brat and The Bonemen at Electric Fields, where they transformed into FRANKY’S EVIL PARTY mid set, this was an eagerly awaited first Glasgow performance from the band.

If you don’t like your music loud, angry, aggressive and packed with obscenities then FRANKY’S EVIL PARTY isn’t for you!

Where Brat and The Bonemen had a psychobilly vibe that is not the case with FRANKY’S EVIL PARTY who seem to build their sound around a driving rhythm much like an early Public Image Ltd or The Fall.

Their frontman Josh seems to have given up his guitar for FEP and provides a really intense performance so much so that your fear he might lose control – then you look around to see how relaxed the rest of the band are in what they are doing; seems it’s all under control after all!

Their short set (five songs) is dark and confrontational but also seems something special; the set kicks off with ‘Dolph Lundgren’ likely to be their debut single in February and is closed by a raucous performance of ‘Disco Inferno’, which is available on their Soundcloud.

Can’t help but think this may be one of those ‘I was there moments’ and I was; ‘there ain’t no party like a FRANKY’S EVIL PARTY’.

Closing the night are FAT BLACK CATS who are standing in for The Animal Mothers who had to pull out.

FAT BLACK CATS is an ideal fit for the gig with their garage punk blues, as is typical of them this is a blistering high energy performance, in fact maybe too high energy as they seem to be destroying the equipment with a cable having to be replaced and the failure of two drum pedals.

Anyway it’s “taps aff” early doors, as is typical of them they strip to the waist and each takes turns on the drums, bass and lead guitars.

If the crowd wasn’t already hyped up it was now a full-on frenzy as a mosh pit extends through the whole crowd.

A fine night leaving everyone suitably warmed up to head off into the worst a Scottish Winter has to offer.

More Photos

Words: Derek McCutcheon
Photos: Jake Gordon

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