New Year’s Revolution with Fauves, The Vignettes, Walt Disco, Snack Villain at Tut’s, 19/1/18

Snack Villain open the night with their bouncy riffs, as the crowd start filling up the venue they get everyone in the mood for a chilled night of partying and dancing.

They fill the room with some really nice harmony work accompanying their relaxed dance vibe which the crowd groove along to.

Their catchy up-beat tracks are full of great riffs and great use of dynamic structure throughout the songs to build and progress the set, which is good fun and energetic and a great way to start off the night.

Continuing the dance vibes, Walt Disco impress the crowd performing their new track ‘Dream Girl 2’, which will be released on the 29th of January.

The crowd thoroughly enjoy the band who are dancing and swaying their hips on stage, clearly having the time of their lives.

One of the most striking things about Walt Disco is how clearly the band’s personality shines through in their performance.

They finish their set by going completely crazy on stage, giving the audience something to remember them by.

Next to take to the stage was the very charismatic The Vignettes, whose set is, yet again, great fun and high energy.

They really prove themselves to be incredible entertainers, the frontman in particular being a convincing show man who is completely dedicated to executing an incredible performance in terms of playing whilst also being visually pleasing for the audience.

They were full of life and get the crowd ready for Fauves to come on after them.

Fauves made a spectacular entrance, gracing the venue with white boiler suits and face make up.

They start off their set with the fantastic ‘Twilight Daylight’, which is filled with energy and fun chilled out atmosphere, an energy which transpired across to the crowd who are enthusiastically dancing along.

On stage accompanying the band are two dancers who continue with the intriguing style choice dancing around the band wearing gas masks.

The image on stage is weird and striking in an enchanting/mystical way and the crowd love every second of it.

Fauves are clearly an insanely talented band filled with charisma and enthusiasm.

They bring something special to the stage, thinking outside the box and finding new ways to make themselves stand out as a band.

The front vocalist is incredible, his voice is unique and he had the audience under his spell, while the band perform in every sense of the word to a dynamic crowd.

Despite some recurring technical issues, which happened throughout the night, Fauves power their way through showing themselves to be really incredible musicians who can perform even under difficult circumstances.

They indulge the crowd with a cover of ‘Give Me the Night’ by George Benson, which goes down an absolute treat; the venue is bouncing as everyone sings and dances along.

They perform ‘Head Spins’ from their upcoming EP, another delicious track showcasing the great songwriting that was clearly evident throughout the set.

The song is very infectious and gets under your skin making everyone move and sing along to the irresistible beats and melodic rhythms.

Their set finishes in spectacular fashion performing ‘Hit Like This’, another splendid work of art enjoyed by everyone.

Fauves are an incredible band who not only have great music but embrace the art and visual aspects whole-heartedly.

It’s refreshing to see a band passionate and serious about what they do, making sure to master an image and sound that is unique and separates them from the crowd.

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Words: Shannon Cullen
Photos: Jake Gordon

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