New Years Revolution with The Ninth Wave, Das Plastixx at Tut’s, 20/1/18

Snow-related issues around the South Lanarkshire area prevent me from arriving in time to see supports Le Thug and Acrylic, however I manage to catch Das Plastixx, a four piece from Glasgow who describe themselves as employing an ‘exciting brand of psych-grunge.’

Although some hooky melodies are decipherable through waves of shoegaze-inspired noise, it is unfortunate that I was less than excited watching their set.

Headliners The Ninth Wave don the stage a short while later.

Infectious melodies from synth player Louise Maclellan, snare-heavy drum lines reminiscent of Interpol, and spiky guitar riffs all combine together effortlessly.

Frontman Haydn Park-Patterson’s smooth baritone delivery couples well with the voice of bassist Millie Kidd to cut above the instrumentation.

The performance verges on the theatrical; the band has adopted a look somewhere between Bowie’s Thin White Duke and a Smashing Pumpkins video from the mid-1990, and it is rather striking.

For ‘Swallow Me’, Park-Patterson removes drumsticks and a pair of pink rubber gloves from a metal bin, before pulling on the gloves with menacing deliberation and proceeding to use the bin as extra percussion.

There is always a danger that theatrics can be used as a sticking plaster to cover up bad performances or songwriting, however such danger do not arise.

The set is slick and professional; songs like ‘Heartfelt’, ‘Collapsible People’ and ‘We Can’t Go Anywhere Else’ are dark, yet tempered with pop sensibilities; a very enjoyable performance indeed.

More Photos

Words: Calum Stewart
Photos: Brendan Waters


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