LYLO (album launch), KAPUTT, Walt Disco at Stereo, 26/1/18

On this, the day their excellent second album Post Era is unveiled, LYLO perform at the launch party to celebrate its long-awaited release.

The album has been three years in the making, and in this period the band have expanded in number, and in their overall sound.

The production is lush, grooves flow throughout and it is an early contender for album of the year.

Given all of this and the general positivity surrounding the build up to the release, there is every reason for a celebration this evening.

Opening proceedings are Walt Disco, admirably stepping in at short notice to replace late pullouts Pleasure Pool.

It is an energetic set of angular pop and the pounding ‘No Need For A Cut’ is one such highlight.

Each of their members are born for the stage, and endear themselves to those who have made it down early enough to catch their set, with frontman James Potter coming offstage dancing with an enthusiastic member of the crowd who had been dancing at the front for their entire set.

The frantic noise pop of KAPUTT followa, providing a suitable precursor to LYLO as the venue starts to fill.

A supergroup-of-sorts, comprising of members of the likes of Spinning Coin, Hairband and The Bellybuttons amongst others, it’s an introverted and intense set, but only adds to the jovial atmosphere of the evening.

Lead vocalist and guitarist Cal Donnelly gazes vacantly throughout, backed by a post-punk ramshackle, held together by Rikki Will’s metronomic drums.

Ending on the infectious ‘Feed My Son’, they set the bar extremely high for tonight’s headliners.

It doesn’t take long for LYLO to hit their heights though – a dreamy, synth-led introduction gives way to an energetic ‘Everything’s Cool’.

Frontman Mitch Flynn sings “it’s all downhill from here”, which would usually be an ominous sign during the first song of the set, however it couldn’t be further from the truth.

The intense pulsing groove of ‘Turn My Jacket’ immediately ramps things up, before the five-piece debut a new song of thrashing punk featuring the repetitive refrain of “get it in to your fucking head”.

The double header of recent singles ‘It’s Good To Know Your Man’ and ‘You Have Your Father’s Eyes’ ensures that the packed Stereo crowd is kept dancing throughout.

The only time that LYLO threaten to lose their audience is when they slow pace down with the balladry of ‘Submerge’.

The chatter that an impatient, half-cut, Saturday night crowd can bring threatens to drown out its intricacies, however this is short-lived, as a triumphant ‘Yeah Boy’ ends the set, complete with plenty of body popping from frontman Flynn.

There really isn’t another band in the country quite like LYLO.

They incorporate elements of funk, disco and psychedelia but with a thoroughly modern twist, incorporating epic, atmospheric soundscapes.

This is all without taking into account their sax (yes, sax) appeal, which elevates their sound to an almost ethereal level.

On a live stage, where they are stripped of the comfort of the production, which adds so much to the record, they transform their songs into bass-led, dirty dancefloor bangers.

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Words: Graham McCusker
Photos: Elina Lin

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