The Rebel at Broadcast, 27/1/18

Tonight, Country Teasers’ Ben Wallers performs as his esoteric alter-ego The Rebel.

Since surfacing with Country Teasers back in the early 90s, The Rebel has been responsible for an array of tracks touching on the self-destructive fundamentals of mankind.

His lyrics, often immersed in dark subtext and self-aware irony have been compared to the works of Chris Morris and William Burroughs.

Wallers enters the stage dressed as what can only be described as ‘a wee boy’, ditching his notorious cowboy hat for a Spiderman morph suit paired with a dollar-sign bomber jacket.

He his ‘Spakenkreuz’ logo, a swastika with “a ‘spastic’ arm, bent backwards to cross over the previous arm in the circularity of the swastika on” on his guitar strap.

He treats us to a modern rearrangement of a Country Teasers’ song adding synth sounds and drum loops.

In ‘Why Must I Pay?’, he holds Thatcher accountable for the rising cost of tea, rent, sex and drugs, expressing how “the human race has come a very short way, in a very long time”.

The rapturous applause at the end of the last song is met with cordial thanks from Wallers, happily at odds with the vile filth of The Rebel.

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Words/Photos: Caitlin MacIntyre

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