Off Axis presents Bloodlines, North Atlas, Static Union at Sneaky Pete’s, Edinburgh, 27/1/18

Sneaky Pete’s plays host to the first Off Axis Scotland gig of the year with a strong rock centric line-up in the capital.

Off Axis is a touring network that provides artist with gigs outside their home town with guaranteed audiences.

First up is Static Union, a four-piece garage rock band from Glasgow who plays a very impressive upbeat set.

Playing a mixture of old and new songs, including their latest single ‘Last of Our Kind’, the performance is upbeat and filled with energy convincingly showcasing their songwriting and musicianship; the lead singer in particular gives a fantastic, strong vocal performance.

Static Union is a young band that has great potential; they interact with the audience and give an enthusiastic passionate performance, having fun on stage.

Finishing off their set with ‘This Night Has Opened My Eyes’ Static Union leave a lasting impression on the crowd.

Following on from Static Union’s performance, North Atlas take to the stage with their progressive highly charismatic set.

Another four-piece band from Glasgow area, they thoroughly impress with their energy and enthusiasm.

Playing a mixture of sample and live drums on stage North Atlas give a sensational performance with their dark atmospheric sound easily filling the room.

Frontman Leon Hunter is particularly great at interacting with the crowd and getting them involved.

North Atlas is a highly impressive charismatic band that knows how to entertain, how to write great songs that have international appeal.

Headliners, Bloodlines explode on to the stage with another high-energy upbeat set.

One thing that particularly stands out about this band is how tight they are, demonstrating a well-rehearsed unit.

Describing themselves as a high intensity rock band, Bloodlines live up to their no nonsense reputation giving and outstanding and relentless performance from start to finish.

Amongst their set is the incredible ‘Cathedral’, bursting with energy, sensational songwriting ability, carefully manipulating the structure of the song changing the flow to keep the audience entertained and on their toes.

Having developed an impressive live performance portfolio including T in the Park and Belladrum, Bloodlines are an extremely well-formed band who are technically fantastic giving an impeccable performance.

Every note, inch moved, hair flip the band makes is all in sync with each other; it’s an insanely well-executed performance.

The level of dedication and commitment to performance is evident throughout and it can be seen by the amount of sweat dripping off all the band members at the end of the night.

It is an incredibly fun exhilarating performance to watch as each and every single band member gives their all.

The crowd love every minute of it, jumping up and down getting completely enthralled in the performance giving their own energetic performance on the floor.

Words: Shannon Cullen


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