Club Decode presents Pink with Moonlight Zoo, Sahara, Real Life Entertainment at Sleazy’s, 15/3/18

Sauntering into the bowels of Nice n Sleazy the venue is decorated appropriately in pink, with the theme of blown up flamingos and balloons to make you feel like you are at a party rather than a live show.

Clever and organised individuals will jump at the opportunity to go to both shows for a money saving amount of £10 but my friend and I didn’t have the appropriate amount of brain cells to acknowledge this, so we paid the very fair amount of £6.

In through the door and Real Life Entertainment are already half way through their first song.

Perth by trade but in reality they could be from anywhere with the warm response they are always given no matter where they perform.

Playing a mixture of songs from their first EP, Here, and two new released songs, ‘Skeleton Party’ and ‘Stone Me’, Ross McCaw and Rick Michalski share the responsibilities of vocals well with Allan Carberry picking away at the melodies, throwing them out into the audience.

SAHARA are to follow and they certainly leave their footprint on the stage and imprint on everyone’s eardrums, if I could scry their future it would be one filled with certain success.

Slowly they have been getting picked up on all radars, starting out in Dundee and playing around Scotland, it still surprises me that they are still unsigned.

I saw them years ago and they very much had a Jake Bugg vibe to them, more of a blues drive but this evening they bring a far more psychedelic/ indie-rock style to their music and it works.

The headliners for the evening, Moonlight Zoo give the remaining audience everything they have.

With their band name in florescent lighting behind them they are the most engaging of the three bands and it is obvious why they are billed to be headliners.

While listening to them it is easy to hear comparisons of Indigo Velvet, Cassia and Dancing on Tables.

All of these bands share the common denominator that everyone can enjoy this genre of pop funk music, especially live.

Sharing impressive three part harmonies, Moonlight Zoo’s stand out track is ‘melting’.

Before you even noticed it had started the night has drawn to a close, Club Decode has pulled it off, their first night of good bands goes down a treat and it is a pleasure to listen to three bands bringing the best of Scottish live music outside of Glasgow into the centre.

Now for the second night to commence entitled ‘Glitter’.

More Photos

Words: Craig Carrington-Porter
Photos: Jake Gordon

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