Franz Ferdinand – ‘Always Ascending’ [Domino]

Franz Ferdinand is back with their new single ‘Always Ascending’ with that recognisable sound, but a whole new force of greatness.

The unique voice of Alex Kapranos shines like you might remember it did.

Almost festive in the opening minute, it softly edges you towards a familiar drumbeat, which kicks in with a solid pulse; the transition is effortless and exudes musical flair.

Expertly executed harmonies will put a spring in your step, the backbeat is strong and always pushing you forward until it suddenly stops, and you wait in anticipation of what might come next.

The de-layering of instruments like this demonstrates the band’s keen ability for intelligent musicality while still dowsing your ears with something light and unflappable.

In many ways, sticking to a very familiar sound proves to be a successful decision.

There’s just enough newness to provide intrigue while not leaving old fans detached from the nostalgia of the classic Franz.

Making a comeback like this could have been a risky decision but these guys pull off this new release on many levels.

From their uplifting energy to their unique vocal sounds, the new album release is an exciting prospect for 2018.

Words: Rachel Cunningham

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