Young Fathers at Barrowlands, 24/3/18

Hailing from Edinburgh, Young Fathers have made a name for themselves as something of a sharp implement tracing similar lines laid out by electronic stalwarts Massive Attack and Maya Jane Coles.

Having recently provided six tracks in total for the recent Danny Boyle sequel, Trainspotting 2, including a track specifically written for the film, Young Fathers are fast becoming a firm favourite for those with an ear for the more complex and nuanced side of modern electronic music.

Tonight’s sold-out performance is energetic, with a fluid movement pulsating from the stage and into the crowd.

The set is a journey through everything Young Fathers have brought to bear so far, with songs from their latest record, Cocoa Sugar, alongside material from their healthy back catalogue into the second half.

The development of the trio is clear for all to see and the inherent confidence that comes with it shows more than ever in their more experimental approach in this latest release.

Their physicality on stage is entrancing and goes a long way to strengthen a truly special live experience.

This, in conjunction with their penchant for finishing songs in double time, taking a grind into a dance break made sure the audience never gets lost in the slower pieces.

For me, the big take-away from this gig is most certainly the vitality brought to the stage by the band and the skill with which they bring the audience along for the ride.

Set against a refreshingly visually understated stage and lighting set up, the focus is on the music, but all the elements line up perfectly to make for a memorable and exciting experience that I’ll hope to see again live soon.

More Photos

Words: Krist McKenna
Photos: Stewart Fullerton


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