Elle Exxe – ‘Catapult’ [LX]

‘Catapult’ is the incredible new single from rising electro pop star Elle Exxe.

This self produced single makes a dramatic opening showing off a variety of synth-infused sounds in addition to Exxe’s brazen vocals.

Having been crowned The Undersigned Music Award Winner 2016, Exxe has quickly grown her fanbase selling out venues to audiences in America, Asia and Europe.

This high-energy single shows the strength of character, refusing to be let anyone compromise who she is.

This straight talking singer asserts her authority asking up front exactly what her lover wants.

Filled with incredible hooks and choruses, ‘Catapult’ keeps the listener captivated from the very first note to the last.

This song gets into your head and you are constantly wanting more.

With comparisons being made to Charli XCX and Tove Lo, ‘Catapult’ can provide a taster of what to expect from this pop star in 2018.

Words: Shannon Cullen

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