The Narcissist Cookbook – ‘In Which an Allegation is Made’

I first encountered The Narcissist Cookbookwhen I listened to the very excellent compilation album Swamp Day by The Death Collective.

The NC song on the record was called “A Song About a Band Called Nirvana” and was hilarious as it was catchy, that is to say, it was hilarious and catchy.

I would put it on periodically to ease its ringing around my head; the first time I heard it I was cycling home and it was making me laugh on the road; it didn’t take me long to learn the chorus and to be fall in love with its ability to be jaw-droppingly weird and unusual whilst remaining toe-tappingly accessible and enjoyable.

Needless to say, I was excited when the opportunity arose to review The Narcissist Cookbook’s new single “In Which an Allegation is Made”.

I was also, needless to say, annoyed when I found out it was the same song, re-recorded with a different title.

When I hear a demo, or an early release, and very much enjoy it, it is always a complex experience to hear it re-recorded as a single or in an album, which I’m sure many people can relate to.

It’s a bit like when you read the book and then see the film, the latter is always marred by the perceptions and presuppositions you have formed already of a different form of the same thing.

There’s a propensity to greet about it, pick holes in it and – above all – be a wank about it, rather than to be able to take it for what it is.

With that in mind, I recommend The Narcissist Cookbook, the artist is quite unique and is in clear possession of ideas, displaying good taste and capacity in terms of following them through.

Kieran Hughes, who was the first to record the track for Swamp Day. once told me that he and a collection of other artists were left dumbfounded, flabbergasted and gobsmacked (dumflabbersmacked) when The Narcissist Cookbook burst in and recorded the song in one take, having never heard the artist’s music before.

I was left with similar impressions when I heard it.

Listen to the single and to Swamp Day, I think that The Narcissist Cookbook has a lot of music to make and I want to hear it all.

I’ve just started on Moth, TNC’s album – it’s really broad and dense and good, check it out.

Words: Paul Aitken


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