Alastair Tibbs – ‘Eden’

Opening on a non-descript drum machine pattern, I was waiting on this to wander into a long form build up as is most often the case with drum machine focused music

My initial instinct was soon challenged though when the next sound to meet my ears is the voice of Glasgow’s Alastair Tibbs.

Resonating a tone that both sounds locally sourced and has a colour all its own, Tibbs’ voice welcomes the listener into an almost blues hue, further driven by a tube-amp guitar riff that bounces in direct proportion to a warm dubstep style filtered bass, where both sounds run a question and answer phrase against pure silence.

This is a very strong track with a genuine promise that harkens back to the first time I heard Jack Garratt’s ‘Worry’.

Make no mistake, Tibbs isn’t reliant on anyone that has come before, but he’s certainly going to take the concept and break it open and rebuild it for his own purposes, and we get the pleasure of listening as this journey takes place.

A definite one to watch in 2018.

Word: Krist McKenna

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